Saturday, June 8, 2013

Rosewood Spoons: East Village Finds @ SOS Chefs

I just love these wooden spoons purchased from Atef at SOS Chefs, she served us her distilled flower waters in these delicate vessels.

SOS Chef, located on Ave B and 7th Street in the East Village, is a high-end imported spices and gourmet product purveyor. On the day we wandered in with our Dubai friend, Rami Farook, fresh white asparagus was in season along with various exotic mushrooms. Atef generously welcomed us with tastes of her newly distilled fruit and flower waters, a tradition she learned while traveling last year in North Africa.

I never walk out of her shop empty handed, SOS Chef is a culinary experience, an eclectic bazaar, a travel into exotic worlds. I am always inspired to return to my kitchen and try something new.

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