Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dar Maghreb

(Photo by Eric Parnes)

Tucked just off Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, Moroccan Dar Maghreb. A well known 35 year old restaurant. It was an enjoyable experience, being that we were having fun being tourists.
A beautiful miniature version of a Moorish castle, with hand-hammered brass portals, a fountain in the courtyard exposed to the evening sky. Dining in total Moroccan style.
Sure, this place gets mixed reviews, like many restaurants that merely become destination places. We still admired the facade, the belly dancing and the overall ambiance.
What I was reminded of, was how much I love Tagine de Poulet aux Citrons. It had been years since I was first served this dish, by a friend that grew up in Morocco, who would preserve her own lemons.
Dar Maghreb prepared a whole chicken, but here is a simple recipe: follow link

Tagine de Poulet aux Citrons

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