Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Painting by Duane Keiser

I am reading My Life In France by Julia Child. (thanks Kelly)
"One morning he asked, who will make oeufs brouilles today?"
Wait! What! I have been doing it all wrong!
While on the flight back from L.A., a woman next to me noticed I was reading this book and we both, with glee, recounted this section.

With a smile, Chef Bugnard cracked two eggs and added a dash of salt and pepper. "Like this," he said gently blending the yolks and whites together with a fork. "Not too much."
He smeared the bottom and sides of the frying pan with butter, then gently poured the eggs in. Keeping a low heat. Nothing happened. After 3 long minutes , the eggs began to thicken into a custard. Stirring rapidly with a fork, sliding the pan on and off the burner, he gently pulled the egg curds together-"Keep them a little loose; this is very important," I nodded, and he turned the scrambled eggs out onto a plate, sprinkled a bit of parsley around , and said, "Voila!"

It's true! The next morning after reading, I got up, in our tiny studio kitchen in New York, and made perfect scrambled eggs. For the first time in my life! Indeed, "Voila!"

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