Monday, April 26, 2010

Rainy Day Wanderings

I came across a recipe calling for smoked paprika, last evening in a professional food blog. Not coming from a background in culinary training, I found myself intimidated by even the mere mention of gadgets not present in my kitchen. Seems my approach to life has always been to embrace chance and educate myself through personal experience.
So on this rainy, cold, Spring day I decided to wander the streets of New York, looking for inspiration.
I found it in a shop I have passed many times. S.O.S Chefs on Avenue B in the East Village.
I was drawn to the blocks of precious salts, exotic spices, canned food specialties from France and $100 Middle Eastern tea pots, on a shelf , just out of reach.
I inquired about Summer Black Truffles,due in stock in a matter of weeks, and the origin of their saffron. The owner was a fabulous woman ready to answer my questions. I came away with an emotional purchase, gifts for Eric, such as hand made gold-leaf Jordan almonds, French Vanilla Chestnut Spread (a recipe dating back to the Crusades), French Lavender Honey and a 1/4 pound of smoked paprika (for myself).

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